Some mock-up thoughts for our club’s new QSL Cards

What follows is a bunch of ‘mock up’ designs for our club’s new QSL Cards. Please take a look and if you see something that you like/love or hate, come to our next monthly meeting and express yourself (or send your opinions to TheEditor(at) (replace the “(at)” with @).

Better yet, make your own design, and share it “with the class”!

(If you find any imagery that strikes your fancy for a background, keep in mind that most web images are low resolution, which would look awful on glossy 3.5 x 5.5  inch card stock.)


A.KC2RC QSL Card - 1bbbcp


B.KC2RC QSL Card - 4g


C.KC2RC QSL Card - 5


D.KC2RC QSL Card - 3g


EKC2RC QSL Card - 11b


FKC2RC QSL Card - 10g


G.KC2RC QSL Card - 7g


H.KC2RC QSL Card - 9g


IKC2RC QSL Card - 6g




this is based on a member’s suggestion:

K.KC2RC QSL Card - 1honeymooner


this was not….

L.KC2RC QSL Card - 1honeymoonerOUCH

Here is a tweak suggested at the September 7th Meeting:



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