The Kings County Radio Club is an organization dedicated to the art and science of radio communications.  We help to educate those individuals interested in learning about Amateur Radio as a hobby.


Our next meeting will be Wednesday, November 7th

(7:00 PM for the Pre-meeting Technical Q&A Session, 8 PM for the General Meeting)


Our next Club Meeting WILL BE HELD November 7th, 2018 in the Carrington Conference Room of the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, located between the Gift Shop and the Cafeteria.


For 2018, all KCRC VE sessions will be held ACROSS THE STREET from New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital at 501 Sixth Street, “Wesley House” in room 6B, on the sixth floor! Take the elevator to the 6th floor and follow the signs to Room 6B! If the front door is locked, please wait there while we get it opened.


We passed our amendment to our Club Bylaws by unanimous vote!


Well, It’s Time To Pay Up Again!

Yup, it’s that time of the year again, when we implore all of our fine members to get out their checkbooks, or you guyz in the 21st century, your PayPal accounts and pay your 2019 Club dues! For 2019, it’s $30, unless you qualify for a discount. So PLEASE pay early (and often)! Your support of the Club allows us to do so many things to advance our exciting and rewarding Amateur Radio Hobby, both locally and anywhere that the Internet reaches!


To pay your 2019 Membership Dues, just click HERE!


The KCRC Fusion Net!

The Club has begun a weekly Yaesu Fusion Digital Net, every Thursday at 9 PM on the KC2RC Repeater, with Jason KD2LRX as your Net Control Operator. Everyone with the capability to receive and transmit Yaesu Fusion Digital Voice is urged to check into the Net. For those out of the area, we have arranged a Wires-X Room “KC2RC-ROOM” for remote access, and for those that don’t yet have a Yaesu Fusion capable radio, we stream the audio one way through the Internet (as we do with our analog signals) at Join in on the fun. Hope to see you there! Analog users can also Connect to the Fusion Net by Using a Analog WiresX capable Repeater and connecting to the ( KC2RC-ROOM ) Node # 40821


The KCRC Bi-Weekly Technical Net!

We sponsor an informal Technical Question & Answer Net on the second AND fourth Wednesdays of each month at 9 PM on the KC2RC Repeater, 146.730 MHz output, 146.130 MHz input with an 88.5 Hz PL tone. Everyone, please come. Ask a question, or answer one, or just come to show moral support. No question is a silly question.


Can’t hear the KCRC Repeater?
We got you covered!
Just point your browser to:
(Analog FM AND Digital Fusion Signals are Streamed)
To hear the TechNet streaming LIVE!


Missed the KCRC Technical Net?
The Archives Are Right HERE!


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 Wondering How Do I Get My Amateur Radio Ticket?
Did You Just Get Your Ticket and Wonder ‘What Should I Do Now”?

We Got You Covered!

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Are Your Morse Code Skills Getting Rusty? Are You Interested in Developing Your Skills from Scratch, Or Improving Your Present Fist? Well, Let Us Introduce You to The NEW Long Island CW Club! Dedicated “To Promote the Continued Use of CW As A Viable And Enjoyable Form Of Amateur Radio Communication.” They Are A Local Organization That Is Dedicated To Promote and Assist Hams To Develop Their Morse Code Skills. Please Click This Link And Take A Good Look Around! It’s Easier To Learn In With Others!(Not Affiliated With the Kings County Radio Club.)


Come One, Come All!
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Our QTH (location) is in Brooklyn, New York. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, Brooklyn, NY.

Please feel free to browse our website to learn more.  If you need help, have questions, or need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KCRC on HamNation!

Officers for 2018

Mitch N2RGA, President

Howard N2GOT, Vice President

Roy AC2GS, Secretary

Richard KA2KDQ, Treasurer

Executive Board Members at Large

Berlotte KD2MYF – Simon KD2LQE

Club meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month.

Our 10 Meter Net is on Sundays, 11 AM, 28.380 MHz.

Our 2 Meter Net is on Tuesdays, 9 PM, 146.730 MHz, 88.5 PL Encode and Decode.

Our 2 Meter Fusion Net is Thursdays, 9 PM 146.730 MHZ DN Mode or the (KC2RC-ROOM) Wires X Room.

Analog users can join us on the net from any Analog WiresX Repeater. Connect to room KC2RC-ROOM

DMR users can access the repeater from  Brandmeister Talk Group # 31653

Our Club repeater is an open system and all are welcome. We are running a  Yaesu DR-2X System Fusion digital system, In “Auto / Auto Mode”. It is compatible with System Fusion Digital Radios or Standard FM Radios. Digital mode transmissions will not hear FM mode transmissions and FM mode transmissions will not hear Digital mode transmissions (make sure “Tone Squelch Decode” is on).

Power output is 20 watts into a VHF linear amplifier, with an output of 97 watts, out of our duplexer. Our antenna is a Hustler Repeater Antenna with 6dB Gain and is 210 feet above ground.

VE Sessions for 2018 will be held across the street from New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital in Wesley House, 501 Sixth Street, Room 6B – on the sixth floor.) We will announce our next session HERE.

* (Based on publicly available metropolitan club membership rosters.)