New to this hobby? Do you have a lot of questions? Well, we might have the answers. If you would like to come to a pre-meeting at 7:00 PM we could arrange a very informal question and answer session.

If you email TheEditor(at) (substitute “at” with “@”) to advise him of your interest, we will try to arrange something for yourself and other like-minded new members of the hobby.

Remember, there’s no such thing as a stupid question. Questions are the beginning of answers!”

Club meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM (includes 7 PM – 8 PM Pre-meeting).

The Carruthers Conference Room of the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, located between the Gift Shop and the Cafeteria.

506 Sixth Street,
Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Club Meetings are the 1st Wednesday of each month

Due to the Pandemic meetings are canceled until further notice. Please join us at our virtual meetings at the same time.

With the following exceptions

January 8th, 2020, 7:00 PM at 501 6th Street The Wesley House room 6B

August 19th, 2020 7:00 PM at 501 6th Street The Wesley House room 6A



Club Meeting — 21 Comments

  1. Hello Im Ted would like to join the meeting on tomorrow Tuesday 12/9/14 I recently cleaned an apartment out and the person had a lot of HAM radio equipment one I don’t know what to do with it and two I myself have always been interested in HAM radio as I travel a lot in remote parts of the world soo Im looking for some direction please also my number is (REMOVED) thankyou

  2. Hi I’m interested in getting my license and would like to know when the next class and test being held. Thank you

  3. Hi, I live in downtown NYC- ground zero. I am in serious need of an elmer. I am currently a Tech and am studying for my general. I- for the life of me, just can’t get a signal in or out. Yaseu 857-d/ atas 120a/ wolf river coil 1000 silver bullet. 19th floor with terrace and absolutely no signal….Help.


    • withe the wolf river coil 1000 silver bullet you should be able to get out. where are you placing the antenna is it indoors on a terace in the back yard. you said by ground zero so I assume you are near the Apartment buildings on the side of the river?

      • Hi, thanks for the response. I was looking out for an email. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I live across the street from the hospital/ Pace university. I have the antenna out on my terrace in a horizontal position. I was looking at the pl-259 connection and see that its a solid piece as opposed to others that I see online which require soldering- IE, the part of the pl-259 which is inserted into the so-239 on the back of the radio. I am using 3 11 ft lengths of 10 gauge wire as counter poise connected to the antenna itself. No matter what I do, I just am not receiving signal. My swr is always 9+. I really need help here. The tech test just hasnt prepared me at all. I’ve also tried the same radio with the atas 120a and same responce???

  4. Hi, I’m interested in learning how to use a Ham Radio, getting equipment, and getting liscenced. I learn more easily through instruction than reading a book or equipment manual, so I’ve been searching for a class or meetup in Brooklyn or manhattan (or queens) that is newcomer-friendly… any ideas are appreciated! I am completely new to it but want to learn.

    • Hi Sarah
      We do not offer class’s yet, But if you come down to our next meeting we can go over how the test works and what type of equipment you will need with the expectations and options you have available for antenna and equipment can find the address and time on this page above

    • Hey, sarah, im very interested in the hobby myself and need a crash course or two for newbies, if u already found one plz let me know how i can inject myself into the world of ham…..

  5. Greetings,

    I’ll be taking the Technician Exam with you guys on 7/21/19, but would like to come to the club meeting on 6/5/19. I’ll see you guys at the club meeting, and I’ll join after I PASS the exam!!!


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