10 Meter Net Control Script

QST QST, this is (Your Name) (Your Call Sign), Net Control Station for the Kings County Radio Club Sunday Morning 10 meter net on 28.380 MHz. We are located in Brooklyn N.Y.

You don’t need to be a club member to check in. If you are a long-distance station and would like to check in, please do so. For more information about the Kings County Radio Club, check us out on the web at www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com Now accepting check-ins.

After check-ins give these announcements:

This is the weekly meeting of the Kings County Radio Club’s 10 Meter Net, which meets every Sunday, at 11 AM on 28.380 MHz, upper sideband.

The Kings County Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated, Brooklyn based Amateur Radio Club with members throughout the metropolitan area and even down south. Our Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month, presently using Zoom virtual meeting software. You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings. In fact, we urge those interested to drop in and join us for our monthly meeting. If you contact AC2GS via email, and identify yourself, we will give you the link to the next meeting. We offer a “pre-meeting” during the 7 PM to 8 PM portion, where we have arranged for an informal question and answer session. Both unlicensed, as well as license holders, may have questions, and our members will try our best to provide answers or at least sources of information for those requiring them.

The General Meetings begin around 8 PM and usually last until 9:30 to 10 PM.

We have our own Club’s VE Team, but it is on hiatus, until a meeting place for the VE Exams can be found.

The Kings County Radio Club offers a 2 Meter Radio Net every Tuesday evening at 9 PM, on our Club Repeater, KC2RC, at 146.730 MHz, with an 88 Hz encode/decode PL tone. Both members and non-members alike are invited to check-in. It is streamed live via ‘stream.KC2RC.com’ for those that are having problems receiving our Repeater’s signal.

The Kings County Radio Club offers a Technical Net on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, on our Club Repeater, at 9 PM. All licensed amateurs are welcome to join and participate, either with a question or a comment or an answer for an earlier question. Roy AC2GS will be the host, and Bob KD2NVB will be the co-host. Each session includes a TechNet Puzzle, available weeks before the TechNet on our Club website, for discussion. Those without the ability to receive our repeater’s signal can use our internet stream, ‘stream.KC2RC.com to listen to the TechNet live, and archives of the audio are available on our Club website.

All the previous information is available on our Club website, www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com, along with news, forums, archives of Club newsletters and original articles. If you have a chance, take a look at the website! An application for Club membership is also available on our website, and we take PayPal, or checks!.

Our website services were generously donated by the local Brooklyn based Web Hosting Company, “3 Alien Web Hosting”, who we would like to thank!

Club members contribute their time and their money to provide all these services to the local amateur radio community, and we would appreciate your support.

Are there any late check-ins for the Net?

[Call each check-in that did not indicate that they had no traffic, for their comments]

[Call each late check-in that did not indicate that they had no traffic, for their comments]

(After any announcements, comments, or any other business for the Net, go through the list of check-ins and thank them for checking in and contributing to the Net and then turn the repeater back to casual communications.)

I would like to thank the following stations for checking in and contributing to the Net tonight:

(List the callsigns of the participants that checked into the Net)

Remember that everything mentioned here tonight is available on our Club website:
https://www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com/, and thanks again to 3 Aliens Web Hosting!

Announce the second Paragraph every so often. Don’t forget to ID the club call and your call also This This is the KCRC 10 Meter Net, I’m (GIVE YOUR CALL).

(Last revised 7/15/2022)



10 Meter Net Script — 11 Comments

  1. Today is the first time I’ve heard Kings County Radio Club Net. Thanks for checking me in. I’ll look for you guys next Sunday.

  2. I was not able to hear anything on last Sunday’s net. Hoping that Juan has been able to get his new vertical up, and that we’ll have better luck this coming Sunday.

  3. Sunday morning net controller really needs to expand his tx bw to maby 2.4 because than 1.8 is killing my ears hi hi 73s guys……

  4. Hello, just getting started in this hobby. Hoping I can check into the 10 meter, coming at ya from north west Indiana.

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