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      What, if any, political slant have you heard from on-air talent. 96.5 The Buzz is pretty liberal (though they don’t talk politics much these days), and I’ve heard 92.5 WINC-FM talk about climate change on multiple occasions. Have you heard any slant?

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      This Forum is primarily designed for the discussion of Amateur Radio technology.

      We tend to steer clear of political discourse here, as we also do on the Ham bands.

      Personally, I have not listened to commercial radio in a long time. I have found it to either be bland and generic, or some form of a carnival act attempting to ‘poke’ its audience in order to get some reaction from them.

      I would rather spend my time with an enjoyable QSO (conversation), or a good book.

      Vy 73,
      Roy AC2GS

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