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 Here is a “short” list of interesting and occasionally provocative Amateur Radio related web sites.  Enjoy!


The American Radio Relay League – this is the “go to place” for the national organization of Amateur Radio Operators in these United States.  The Kings County Radio Club is an affiliated ARRL Special Service Club.

FCC – What can I say, the Federal Communications Commission is the “big daddy” that can smack us in the arse if we misbehave.  Here is a link to their Amateur Radio related “front door”.  Be polite, especially after the FCC drank too much the night before.

ARRL Band plan document – This is a very helpful, up to date, graphic showing the present band plan for different privileges in an easy to see format.  You can print it out, or use it as a computer background image for quick reference.  Icom offers a similar image, but the ARRL version works fine for most.

QRZ – This is the site to find out who “that guy on the other end of the mic is”.  It is worth the trouble to register for free, and most users can find the free membership to be a valuable source of information. – Promoted as “ham radio on the net”, chock full of reviews, articles and forum entries.  A great source for how the community see’s many aspects of the Ham world.

W5YI – It promotes itself as “Your Resource for Ham Radio and Commercial Radio Licensing” and has a lot of great information for free.

KØBG – This guy is just what we are all looking for, an obsessive compulsive guy with an excellent understanding of his subject.  If you have ANY question about mobile operation THIS IS THE SITE TO GO TO!  His site is meticulous and based on his own many years of research!

AC6V’s Amateur Radio & DX Reference Guide – This is a voluminous site of excellent information regarding all fields of Amateur Radio.  Although the original AC6V is now an SK (his son has taken on his father’s call sign), none of the material is out of date.  It’s like picking up an enormous reference work, all written in common language! – this is a great archive for many “Nets” operating locally especially LIMARC’s TechNet (which featured for a long time a past President of the KCRC and SK, Mel, K2KEY), which is HIGHLY recommended to listen to live, if possible, or through’s available archives – This is a whimsical site of Amateur Radio related cartoons that inevitably find their way onto Ham’s Facebook page.

As The World Turns – Ham Radio News – This is an amusing site written by a curmudgeonly Ham with new entries once or twice a week.  His has an interesting, easily recognized point of view (and a hidden “Easter Egg” containing a “naughty photograph”). – A web site dedicated to all aspects of Radio Propagation, Space Weather and Sunspot Cycle Information.

New York Repeater Directory  – one of many sources for Repeaters available to Amateur Radio Operators.

W2LIE.NET New York area live scanner feeds.

CQ Amateur Radio – The loyal opposition to QST and the ARRL.  They seemed to have been on wobbly financial footing for the past year but they seem to be more stable and they appear to be climbing out of that hole they found themselves in.  You might want to help them by purchasing a subscription?

 IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer) Spectrum – an excellent site for somewhat more professional and technical evolving technology.

KSARRL.ORG’s Lists of Lists – This is a “laundry list” of regularly updated Amateur Radio web site links.  Guaranteed to make you lose days clicking away at your computer.


Amateur Radio Podcasts

Ham Nation – The most well known of the bunch, Bob Heil, K9IED heads an ever growing group of Ham enthusiast presenters with many diverse interests.  Bob is a fount of knowledge and the manufacturer of many fine pieces of audio equipment for the Amateur Radio enthusiast.  If you have a question he is very liable to answer it by email only a few hours later, sometimes at 3 AM (he has done that for me)!  The information offered is diverse and sure to interest most Hams.  Bob LOVES this hobby and it shows! One of the podcast’s commentators, Gordon West WB2NOA has promoted our club twice! – A separate podcast which includes George, W5JDX, a regular co-host on the “Smoke and Solder” portion of Ham Nation. is a more focused podcast that keeps to a smaller number of topics but explores them a bit more deeply. – Gary Pearce, KN4AQ, offers a more singularly personal, “one man’s view” of the Amateur Radio scene.  Always full of great interviews and information.

ARRL Audio News – The ARRL’s weekly news, usually released each Friday.

Amateur Radio Newsline – Which promotes itself as “Your independent source of Amateur Radio news for today’s radio amateur”  It is an Amateur Radio news source that has been broadcast for many many years! It is also usually released on Friday.

ICQ Amateur / Radio Ham Radio Podcast – a more international voice only podcast effort.

Retail Store Web Sites

(I have no financial interest in any of them, and they are NOT in any particular order)

Ham Radio Outlet


The Antenna Farm

DX Engineering

Universal Radio Inc.

R&L Electronics