Hello everyone! It’s that time of year, the KCRC Picnic is coming up! It’s set for Sunday, September 30th,
2018 at 12:00 at Manhattan Beach. The entrance is located on Oriental Blvd, between Hastings St. and
Girard St.  a value of $20.00.of food or supply’s is suggested
Homemade sausage and peppers are always a hit.
Home made pies, cookies, or cakes, are always a good idea.
Please send an email to n2rga (at) kingscountyradioclub.com, regarding what you will be able to bring.

Things we will need:

  1. 5 or 6 Bags of ice. – Mitch N2RGA
  2. A case or two of water. – Joe AC2AE
  3. BBQ GrillClub Grill – Mitch N2RGA
  4. CharcoalMitch N2RGA
  5. Extra small BBQ’s no gas Grills
  6. Forks, knives, and spoons Paper towels – Berlotte  KD2MYF
  7. 2 Boxes of hamburgers – 16 Burgers (Bubba Burger or equivalent – Jason – KD2PUW
  8. 2 packs hamburger rolls – Jason KD2LRX
  9. 2 packs franks, ketchup and mustard – Berlotte  KD2MYF
  10. 2 Packs of frank rolls. – Jason KD2LRX
  11. Chicken.
  12. BBQ sauce for chicken. – Berlotte  KD2MYF
  13. Case of soda. 8 Soda’s – Joe AC2AE
  14. Case of diet soda. 8 Sodas – Joe AC2AE
  15. 2 Tablecloths.
  16. Homemade platters are always welcome. Sausage and peppers, Lasagna,

If, I missed something, please let us know.

This map shows where we will be. We have used the same spot for the last 6 years: