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Who Are We?


Congratulations on your interest in Amateur Radio. For you the adventure may just be beginning!

Established more than fifty years ago, The Kings County Radio Club (KCRC), is a club made up a group of members with a wide range of expertise and experiences, from brand new Hams that just successfully passed their qualifying exams and have just begun to deal with the job of deciding how to set up their first shack, all the way to wizened old timers that have seen and used generations of transceiver models, and antennas, and can temper their enthusiasm with their extensive experience. We are affiliated with the American Radio Relay League, the National Amateur Radio Organization that helps to support and promote Amateur Radio and it’s hobbyists.

Are you interested in upgrading your license to a higher privilege? We have members that have taken and passed the Technician, General and Extra Exams in the past year. They can give you some insight into studying for the exams. We also have members who are Volunteer Examiners that give and grade the exams. They can give you insight from the perspective of the people that score the exams. We also offer scheduled exams throughout the year, so you need not seek out a Hamfest, or travel far away to take your exam! If you need some help know that if our Club Members all believe in one thing, it’s “passing on” the mentoring that we have received to those in need.

Are you thinking about learning CW? We have members who can do code in their sleep, and others who are learning code from scratch, themselves. You can discover the best method to learn code, and practice with other members who are learning. Are you interested in Emergency Communications? We have members who are associated with the New York Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), and can show you how you might get involved with that service.

We have QRP enthusiasts. We have HF enthusiasts. We have FM/UHF/VHF enthusiasts. Want to know what repeater frequencies are active and which have been silent for years? Our members can tell you. Want to know what repeaters are good places to discuss Wrestling on TV, and which are good to discuss high energy physics, or just a Repeater that will tell you how the traffic is doing ahead of your planned trip, or one that just likes to talk about radios. Our members have been on all the Repeaters at one time or another and are around to give you pointers. Are you interested in digital modes? We have members that dabble in those modes.

If you’re in need of some help setting up your equipment, or have any questions about this wonderful hobby, you’ll find our members happy to offer any assistance that you might need. There’s no such thing as a silly question, we all asked the same questions at the beginning, and asking questions is the first step in gaining knowledge.

We would like to invite you and any friend(s) you might know, interested in Amateur Radio, to visit us at one of our meetings. We usually meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:30 PM, at Methodist Hospital, 506 6th Street, Brooklyn. It is two blocks from the Seventh Avenue Station of the “F” or “G” trains, and the B61, B63 and B67/B69 buses stop near the hospital. The meeting is located in the Executive Dining Room, on the first floor between the Gift Shop, and the Regular Dining Area. We are open to the public and happy to answer questions. You can throw out question after question, or you can sit back quietly and soak up the atmosphere, we won’t bite. You can come to as many meetings as you wish, no obligation whatsoever. We want to show you some of the things your license lets you do, and by doing so, strengthen the Amateur Radio Community in the Metropolitan Area.

If you are at all interested in Amateur Radio, one of the most social of hobbies, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to see what our Radio Club is like. You can email us using the “Contact Us” link, just to say hello!  Very rarely our meeting needs to be rescheduled, but this will be posted on the front of this web site as early as possible. Feel free to ask any question you might have about our fine club.

Take a chance, learn something, broaden your horizons and broaden the scope of your new hobby…

The Editor


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