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    Mutations of SARS-CoV-2 Virus Are Not Spreading Easier


(From the May 24, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

    Meta-surface Based Contact Lens Corrects Color Blindness

    Researchers Squeeze 44.2 Tbps Through Existing Fiber Optic Cables

    The Pentagon Released U.F.O. Videos. Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Breakthrough.

    Pentagon officially released ‘UFO’ videos: BUSTED (Part 1)


(From the May 17, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Did The Oxford Covid Vaccine Work In Monkeys? Not Really


(From the May 10, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Coil-Shortened Dipole Antenna Calculator

USB 4 Will Fully Support DisplayPort 2, Including 8K HDR Monitors


(From the May 3, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

How Coronavirus Mutates and Spreads – A Trip Through The Genetic Drift Of Viral RNA

How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism

Here’s A Song That Seems To Describe Our World These Days…

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth


(From the April 26, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Richard T. Knadle, Jr. K2RIW SK

Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Spotted Over Netherlands


(From the April 19, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

    Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

How to view the Electron booster recovery by a helicopter.


Scientists Are Testing Nitric Oxide to Treat Coronavirus Patients

Jump in U.S. COVID-19 Death Tally Expected as CDC Changes Counting Practices

U.K. Paid $20 Million for New Coronavirus Tests. They Did Not Work

Doctor Charged with Fraud After U.S. Says He Sold Treatment as ‘100 Percent’ Cure for COVID-19

More Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments Move Toward Human Trials

Latest Coronavirus Science: Antiviral Drug Shows Promise in New Trials


(From the April 12, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

A Review Of The COMPACtenna

The Article That MIGHT Have Started This All…

Dr. Jack Nilsson’s COMPACtenna Patent

Dr. Jack Nilsson’s List of Relevant Patents

The COMPACtenna’s Website

The ‘Physics?’ of COMPACtennas, by the inventor, Dr Jack Nilsson??

The ‘Physics?’ of Turbo Encabulator, by another Gifted? inventor??


Here’s A YouTube Video That Addresses The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Due To COVID-19

UK Carriers Would Appreciate You Not Setting Cell Towers On Fire

A Funny YouTube Video On Claims That 5G Causes COVID-19!?

Most New York Coronavirus Cases Came from Europe, Genomes Show


(From the April 5, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Paul’s Site With More Granular State COVID-19 Data

Near and Far Field Information

A Really Good, Thorough Service Manual For What Makes COVID-19 ‘Tick’

Everyone Should Be Wearing a Face Mask


(From the March 29, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here Are Some YouTube Videos Of A Scientist Doing Some Simple Epidemiological Modeling (None of this is Gospel, just the calculations of one informed scientist.):

Coronavirus spread update 25th March 2020 

Coronavirus update 26th: SUMMER WONT STOP IT!

Coronavirus update 27th: USA now most infected country in world.

Coronavirus update 28th: 1 million infected in USA in 2 weeks!

This New Coronavirus Test Can Detect the Disease in Five Minutes

Small Trial Finds No Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Works Against COVID-19

Man Dies, Wife Critical from Chloroquine After Hearing Trump Tout Unproven Covid-19 Treatment


COMMSCOPE Infrastructure Academy (mentioned by Brandon KB1THM) 


(From the March 22, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Sociopaths are people whose brains are ‘broken’ in curious ways – they tend to lack a sense of ’empathy’. They see the world populated by cardboard cutout figures, or department store mannequins, or, at best, robots. They tend to use them and dispose of them, depending upon their own degree of psychopathology. It may not be so surprising, that people with mild cases of sociopathy make very successful CEOs (the ramifications of that finding I will leave for another time).

The strategy that every country is using to deal with the Coronavirus is to step on the social ‘brakes” – social distancing and shutting down large portions of the economy. How fast or slow to apply those brakes is the only variable in our world today.

But, what if a leader of a country were a full out sociopath and had the power and will to do the unimaginable – to put the pedal to medal and hit the accelerator and race to that infection cliff and hope that there is another cliff on the other side that will offer a better chance to save the economy, and just kill some old cardboard cutouts…

Well, here’s an interesting YouTube video from a clever man showing his idea of what that would lead to:

Coronavirus: What if we did NOTHING?


(From the March 15, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Tonight We Just Talked About COVID-19 – You’ll Find Information On It On Every Other Website.

Stay Safe

(From the March 8, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Some Images From Paul’s SpaceReport:

Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1) Docked With Intelsat 901, a 10,000 Pound Communications Satellite

Intelsat 901 With the Earth In The Background


The MEV-1 Is Using Intelsat 901 Maneuvering Engine As A Docking Collar.



Exponential Growth and Epidemics


(From the February 23, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

All About Ionization Energy

Things Are Not Looking Good for Stopping the Coronavirus

The New Virus Is Deadlier Than the One That Causes the Flu

The United Kingdom to Spend $1.6 Billion On the World’s Fastest Weather Supercomputer

Airing Out Your Home Doesn’t Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Study Finds


(From the February 16, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Some stuff about ‘Acoustic Impedance’

E-Ink Technology

Please Do Not Drink Silver to Kill the Coronavirus

Ranked: The Loudest Sounds Ever Measured

Developer Finds USB Chargers Have as Much Processing Power as the Apollo 11 Guidance Computers

Ancestry Lays Off 100 Employees as DNA Test Demand Dwindles

Motorola Razr’s Hinge ‘broke’ After 27,000 Folds in Durability Test

Release the Muons! Physics Breakthrough Will Lead to a New Kind of Particle Collider

Boeing Finds New Software Problem with Scandal-Plagued 737 Max Plane

(From the February 9, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s a picture of a quadrifilar wound toroid for a balun:


This Professor’s ‘Amazing’ Trick Makes Quadratic Equations Easier

YouTube Clip Of Pterodactyls Flapping their Wings In ‘Citizen Kane’

Some Trivia About ‘Citizen Kane’.

The Story Of Quantum Dots

Keep Up To Date On The ‘Novel Coronavirus’

Here’s An Image Of The Morpho Didius Butterfly – All That Blue Is Not From Any Actual Pigment, But Is Purely Due To Electromagnetic Constructive/Destructive Interference From The Butterfly’s Surface Nano-Structure:



(From the February 2, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

What’s The Smallest Dinosaur?

Coronavirus Live Updates:

How Long Will It Take to Develop a Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus?

FCC Gives Google And Sony Permission to Dole Out 3.5GHz Spectrum

Highest-Resolution Solar Telescope Ever Releases Incredible First Images of the Sun

All Humans Are a Little Bit Neanderthal, According to New Research

Instead of High-tech Hardware, Plants Might One Day Produce Medicines On Mars

After an 80-Year Quest, Scientists Have Almost Certainly Discovered Metallic Hydrogen

A New Type of Aurora Has Been Discovered by Citizen Scientists

NASA Picks Space Tourism Outfit for Its First Commercial ISS Module


(From the January 26, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Sync your calendar with the Solar System

Top Astronomical Events for 2020

Here’s a Nice Website That Has A Lot of Information About the NanoVNA:

SMA to BNC Converters (not the best strain relief):

Anteenna TW-BNCJ-SMAP (3 Packs) BNC Female to SMA Male Adaptor Connector is Suit for Ham Handheld Antenna BNC Male

DHT LLC AD075 2 Pieces SMA Female to BNC Female Convert Adapter for Two Way Radio BaoFeng UV-5R FD-880

The Death Toll Rises To 56, With One Fatality in Shanghai

Pentagon Says 34 Troops Treated for Traumatic Brain Injury After Trump Downplays It as ‘Headaches’

Satellite to Go Boom

DNA Testing Company 23andMe Lays Off 100 Employees, CEO Cites Privacy Concerns as Possible Factor

Boeing Finds Another Software Flaw That Might Delay 737 Max’s Return

A Lego Version of The International Space Station Is Coming February 1st

The Days of Flying with Your ‘Emotional Support’ Animal May Be Coming to an End

US Space Force Logo Unveiled with A Clear Star Trek Influence

The Pentagon’s Plan to Pepper Space with Surveillance Satellites Is Taking Shape

ESA Opens Plant That Turns Moon Dust into Oxygen

India Will Launch A Humanoid Robot Ahead of Its First Crewed Space Mission


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