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Best Illusion of The Year Contest Winners

JAXA Shows the Sub-Surface Samples It Collected from the Asteroid Ryugu

How High should my Dipole be?

Don’t Want To Do The Math Yourself To Design Your Own Shortened Antenna With A Coil?

No Problem!

Web Based Calculator For a Coil Shortened Vertical Antenna

Web Based Calculator For a Coil Shortened Dipole Antenna

Web Based Calculator For a Coil’s Inductance

(From the December 20, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Thai Researcher Studying How Chicken Feathers Can Beef Up Menus

India To Build Solar, Wind Energy Farms Along Border With Pakistan

The Ugliest Orchid In The World Discovered

Stanford path-planning algorithm enables autonomous multi-drone aerial surveys of Antarctic penguin colonies

Unmanned ship to go on 400-year-old journey across the Atlantic

To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language

(From the December 13, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Surface Plasmon Polariton

(From the December 6, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s a Very Informative YouTube Video: Engineering magnetics — practical introduction to BH curve

Here’s A YouTube Video Showing Off My New Little NanoVNA: NanoVNA SAA2 Version 2 Vector Network Analyzer – Ham Radio Antenna Analyzer

The Deep Space Network

(From the November 29, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Can We Put a Radio Telescope on the Far Side of the Moon?

The Ionosphere And Radio Astronomy


(From the November 22, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

An Interesting YouTube Video Showing How Optical Anti-Reflection Coatings Work

An Interesting Article That Describes A New Kind Of Watch That Uses An Electrostatic Motor Very Similar to How The Wimhurst Electrostatic Generator Works

What Is, Presently, The Most Accurate, Self-Contained, Wristwatch Manufactured?

Russian Cosmonaut Says The Hole in The ISS Was Drilled From The Inside

(From the November 15, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

Centaur upper stage rocket body seen in 1964


Mars sample return mission


(From the November 8, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Check Out Some Chill Satellite Images from This Past Week

Proton Magnetometer

Acoustic Microscopy

Biden Light Show

(From the November 1, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

There’s Water and Ice on the Moon, and in More Places Than NASA Thought

ARRL Archives

RF Cafe

Microwaves 101

An Examination of A Gamma Match

Daycares in Finland Built a ‘Forest Floor’, And It Changed Children’s Immune Systems

Pal-V Liberty flying car is now street-legal in Europe

Autonomous boats could be your next ride


(From the October 25, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

NASA Shares First Images From OSIRIS-REx’s Touchdown on Bennu

Air Core Inductor Coil Inductance Calculator


TLW (Transmission Line for Windows)

Brookhaven Lab–SBU Partnership Extends Potential of Quantum Communications

Scientists Turned Red Bricks Into Supercapacitors

(From the October 18, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s Some Fascinating YouTubes To Watch:

Why Gravity is NOT a Force

The Speed of Light is NOT About Light


AT&T Archives: Similarities of Wave Behavior

What is ‘Purple Plague’?

(From the October 11, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

The Coronavirus Unveiled (with some very nice illustrations)

Missing Dollar Riddle

Black Hole Revelations Win The 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics

Gene-Editing CRISPR Pioneers Get a Well-Deserved Nobel Prize

RF Feedline (Coax and Ladder-Line) Loss and ERP Calculators

(From the October 4, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

EEVblog #1340 – New Tesla 4680 Battery Cell EXPLAINED

Tesla Valve | The complete physics

Something To Consider: Life on Venus: BUSTED!

(From the September 20, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Wearing A Mask Protects You And Those Around You


(From the September 13, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s a puzzle for people ‘into’ mathematics:

A cable of 80 feet is hanging from the top of two poles that are both 50 feet from the ground.

What is the distance between the two poles, to one decimal place, if the center of the cable is 10 feet above the ground?

(Not necessarily drawn to scale.)

The Answer

Some Facts About ‘Catenary’

* * * * *

Why is there no equation for the perimeter of an ellipse‽

Here’s What We Know So Far About the AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Halt

Scientists Flag ‘Inconsistencies’ in Russian Vaccine Study

(From the September 6, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

David Blaine flies 5 miles high after connecting himself to 52 helium balloons.

* * * * *

FCC Application Fee Proposal Proceeding is Open for Comments (let the Chairman of the FCC, Ajit Pai, know what YOU think about that)

What Happens If You Stick Your Red, Green, and Blue Laser Pointer Into Your Freezer?

A Green Laser Pointer Hazard

Can You Possibly Bounce Soap Bubbles On A Laser Beam Of Light?

Here’s The YouTube Video That Posed This Question (It Isn’t In English, But You Can Follow What Is Going On)

Here’s A Better Video Of ‘Bouncing Bubbles With a Laser”

What’s Really Going On! Laser bubble bounce, with Steve Mould


The Enemy Doing What It Does:

(SARS-CoV-2 reproducing all over lung tissue)

(From the August 30, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)


FCC Proposes to Reinstate Amateur Radio Service Fees

Nevada Man Hospitalized After Apparent Coronavirus Reinfection


(From the August 23, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Enhanced LORAN (eLORAN)

Some More On eLORAN

Coaxial Cable Attenuation Chart

Cable Velocity Factor and Loss Data

Astronauts know how to handle isolation (From Paul’s Space Report)

The Sun Wouldn’t Shine Without Quantum Physics

Quantum Tunneling Is Not Instantaneous, Physicists Show

ScienceTalk Du Jour!

Miss The Old ‘ScienceTalk’ Segments? Here’s A List Of Topics That You Can Request After 9 PM On Tonight’s TechNet:

(Maybe, We’ll Try This Again Next Week, Maybe Not.)


(From the August 16, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Remember To Check Out The Lenz’s Law YouTube (below) And Find The Experimental Errors, For Tonight’s Discussion!

Three-Phase Electric Power

Lumped Circuit Interpretation of a Transmission Line

Some More On Lumped Circuit Interpretation of a Transmission Line

ScienceTalk Du Jour!

Miss The Old ‘ScienceTalk’ Segments? Here’s A List Of Topics That You Can Request After 9 PM On Tonight’s TechNet:

(Maybe, We’ll Try This Next Week.)


(From the August 9, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

What’s in the Night Sky August 2020


Some YouTube Videos Can Be Instructive, For What Their Creators, Themselves, Failed To Understand: What’s Wrong With This YouTube VIdeo??

Lenz’s Law – Magnet Through Carbon Tube?

(From the August 2, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

The Berkeley University Impedance Match Circuit Calculator

A Very Interesting YouTube: Balun PART 1: Broadcast Interference, Common Mode Current and Balun’s Magic

Tiny Spectrum Analyzer

Neil Goldstein W2NDG’s Blog With An Article on the NanoVNA


(From the July 26, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Some Interesting YouTubes:

    Demonstrating Basic Principles Of Impedance, Part One

    Demonstrating Basic Principles Of Impedance, Part Two


(From the July 19, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

NASA and ESA share the closest images ever taken of the Sun



(From the July 12, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

What Makes SARS-CoV-2 ‘Tick’? What Is The ACE2 Receptor, How Is It Connected To Coronavirus And Why Might It Be Key To Treating COVID-19?

The Uncertain Future of Ham Radio

NASA’s ‘Smell of Space’ Is Available as A Perfume

Brooklyn Based 3D Rocket Engine Printer Company

Wesley Link: Lithium-ion battery, How does it work?

Wesley Link: How Do Quantum Computers Work?


(From the July 5, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

This image wiggles when you scroll—or does it?


(From the June 28, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

The Alexander Association – An Amazing Very Low Frequency Transmitter

Here’s An Article on Decibels That I wrote A Few Years Back…

Some Basics On Signal Level Meters In Radios

And here’s some puzzles you can try after this week’s Andy’s Corner:

The KCRC TechNet Puzzle for March 25, 2020

1) Jackie suspects that the poor signal reports she is getting are due to dampness in the coaxial cable feeding her antenna.

She feeds 20 watts into the cable and gets 10 watts into a dummy load at the other end.
So, the loss in her coax is

A) 2 dB
B) 3 dB
C) 4 dB
D) 6 dB

And now for the answer to our March 25, 2020 TechNet Puzzle

(It is in “Invisotext” and will be visible if you highlight the area below!)

A decibel is a ratio – In the above example the ratio is 10 watts:20 watts, or ½

dB = 10log ½
ratio = 1/2 = 10 ^ dB/10

Most people don’t memorize logarithmic tables, and slide rules are pretty much a thing of the past, but there are simple numbers to remember:

Doubling or halving is +/- 3dB
A tenfold increase/decrease is +/-10dB

When you multiply the ratios, you add its decibels
When you divide the ratios, you subtract its decibels
In other words, you can look at an increase by a thousand as:

10 x 10 x 10 = 1,000

In decibels that would be

10dB + 10dB +10dB = 30dB

Just by memorizing 3dB = 2x, and 10dB = 10x you can quickly figure in your head that:

3dB + 3dB = 6dB = 2 x 2 = 4x ratio
10 dB – 3dB = 7dB = 10 /2 = 5x ratio

Getting back to the question at hand, when you halve the original signal, you are experiencing 3dB of loss (you can consider it also at -3dB of gain, which would be like a double negative in English).

The correct answer to this question, is: B) 3 dB


The KCRC TechNet Puzzle for March 11, 2020

2) The value on a dBW scale is given in relation to:

A) 1 mW
B) 1 W
C) 10 W
D) 100 W

And now for the answer to our March 11, 2020 TechNet Puzzle

(It is in “Invisotext” and will be visible if you highlight the area below!)

Decibels are tenth of a ‘Bel’. Bels, named after Alexander Graham Bel, are in themselves unitless ratios – +1 Bel is an increase by 10 times, while -1 Bel is a decrease to 1/10th times. Bels were deemed too large to be useful, so a tenth of a Bel is generally used – the decibel, it just means that 10 decibels = 1 Bel = an increase by 10 times.

Common practice is to add a unit designation after the ‘dB’ term to define what the scale is in relation to – such as dBx, where the unit would be whatever ‘x’ stood for. As an example, the increase or decrease in voltage is designated dBV – a value of 0 dBV is equal to 1 volt, 10 dbV is equal to 10 volts, 20 dBV is equal to 100 volts.

In the case of the unit of power, Watts, a value of 0 dBW is one Watt…

So, the answer to the question above is ‘B’ 1 W.


(From the June 21, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

The 150 foot high 12 foot diameter Falcon 9 booster that launched our two astronauts Bob Behnken KE5GGX and Doug Hurley on May 30 2020 to the ISS.


Compare the size of the landing legs with the people working on it.


The Astounding Physics of N95 Masks

You May Have Antibodies After Coronavirus Infection. But Not for Long


(From the June 14, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

The REAL source of Gravity might SURPRISE you…

Bose–Einstein Condensate

NASA Engineered a Box to Create the Fifth State of Matter in Space

(From the June 7, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Is the Year 2038 problem the new Y2K bug?

(From the May 31, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Mutations of SARS-CoV-2 Virus Are Not Spreading Easier


(From the May 24, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Meta-surface Based Contact Lens Corrects Color Blindness

Researchers Squeeze 44.2 Tbps Through Existing Fiber Optic Cables

The Pentagon Released U.F.O. Videos. Don’t Hold Your Breath for a Breakthrough.

Pentagon officially released ‘UFO’ videos: BUSTED (Part 1)


(From the May 17, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Did The Oxford Covid Vaccine Work In Monkeys? Not Really


(From the May 10, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Coil-Shortened Dipole Antenna Calculator

USB 4 Will Fully Support DisplayPort 2, Including 8K HDR Monitors


(From the May 3, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

How Coronavirus Mutates and Spreads – A Trip Through The Genetic Drift Of Viral RNA

How Special Relativity Fixed Electromagnetism

Here’s A Song That Seems To Describe Our World These Days…

Buffalo Springfield – For What It’s Worth


(From the April 26, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Richard T. Knadle, Jr. K2RIW SK

Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

SpaceX Starlink Satellites Spotted Over Netherlands


(From the April 19, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

    Here’s Something For Paul’s Space Report:

How to view the Electron booster recovery by a helicopter.


Scientists Are Testing Nitric Oxide to Treat Coronavirus Patients

Jump in U.S. COVID-19 Death Tally Expected as CDC Changes Counting Practices

U.K. Paid $20 Million for New Coronavirus Tests. They Did Not Work

Doctor Charged with Fraud After U.S. Says He Sold Treatment as ‘100 Percent’ Cure for COVID-19

More Coronavirus Vaccines and Treatments Move Toward Human Trials

Latest Coronavirus Science: Antiviral Drug Shows Promise in New Trials


(From the April 12, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

A Review Of The COMPACtenna

The Article That MIGHT Have Started This All…

Dr. Jack Nilsson’s COMPACtenna Patent

Dr. Jack Nilsson’s List of Relevant Patents

The COMPACtenna’s Website

The ‘Physics?’ of COMPACtennas, by the inventor, Dr Jack Nilsson??

The ‘Physics?’ of Turbo Encabulator, by another Gifted? inventor??


Here’s A YouTube Video That Addresses The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Due To COVID-19

UK Carriers Would Appreciate You Not Setting Cell Towers On Fire

A Funny YouTube Video On Claims That 5G Causes COVID-19!?

Most New York Coronavirus Cases Came from Europe, Genomes Show


(From the April 5, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Paul’s Site With More Granular State COVID-19 Data

Near and Far Field Information

A Really Good, Thorough Service Manual For What Makes COVID-19 ‘Tick’

Everyone Should Be Wearing a Face Mask


(From the March 29, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here Are Some YouTube Videos Of A Scientist Doing Some Simple Epidemiological Modeling (None of this is Gospel, just the calculations of one informed scientist.):

Coronavirus spread update 25th March 2020 

Coronavirus update 26th: SUMMER WONT STOP IT!

Coronavirus update 27th: USA now most infected country in world.

Coronavirus update 28th: 1 million infected in USA in 2 weeks!

This New Coronavirus Test Can Detect the Disease in Five Minutes

Small Trial Finds No Evidence That Hydroxychloroquine Works Against COVID-19

Man Dies, Wife Critical from Chloroquine After Hearing Trump Tout Unproven Covid-19 Treatment


COMMSCOPE Infrastructure Academy (mentioned by Brandon KB1THM) 


(From the March 22, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Sociopaths are people whose brains are ‘broken’ in curious ways – they tend to lack a sense of ’empathy’. They see the world populated by cardboard cutout figures, or department store mannequins, or, at best, robots. They tend to use them and dispose of them, depending upon their own degree of psychopathology. It may not be so surprising, that people with mild cases of sociopathy make very successful CEOs (the ramifications of that finding I will leave for another time).

The strategy that every country is using to deal with the Coronavirus is to step on the social ‘brakes” – social distancing and shutting down large portions of the economy. How fast or slow to apply those brakes is the only variable in our world today.

But, what if a leader of a country were a full out sociopath and had the power and will to do the unimaginable – to put the pedal to medal and hit the accelerator and race to that infection cliff and hope that there is another cliff on the other side that will offer a better chance to save the economy, and just kill some old cardboard cutouts…

Well, here’s an interesting YouTube video from a clever man showing his idea of what that would lead to:

Coronavirus: What if we did NOTHING?


(From the March 15, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Tonight We Just Talked About COVID-19 – You’ll Find Information On It On Every Other Website.

Stay Safe

(From the March 8, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Some Images From Paul’s SpaceReport:

Mission Extension Vehicle-1 (MEV-1) Docked With Intelsat 901, a 10,000 Pound Communications Satellite

Intelsat 901 With the Earth In The Background


The MEV-1 Is Using Intelsat 901 Maneuvering Engine As A Docking Collar.



Exponential Growth and Epidemics


(From the February 23, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

All About Ionization Energy

Things Are Not Looking Good for Stopping the Coronavirus

The New Virus Is Deadlier Than the One That Causes the Flu

The United Kingdom to Spend $1.6 Billion On the World’s Fastest Weather Supercomputer

Airing Out Your Home Doesn’t Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Study Finds


(From the February 16, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Some stuff about ‘Acoustic Impedance’

E-Ink Technology

Please Do Not Drink Silver to Kill the Coronavirus

Ranked: The Loudest Sounds Ever Measured

Developer Finds USB Chargers Have as Much Processing Power as the Apollo 11 Guidance Computers

Ancestry Lays Off 100 Employees as DNA Test Demand Dwindles

Motorola Razr’s Hinge ‘broke’ After 27,000 Folds in Durability Test

Release the Muons! Physics Breakthrough Will Lead to a New Kind of Particle Collider

Boeing Finds New Software Problem with Scandal-Plagued 737 Max Plane

(From the February 9, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Here’s a picture of a quadrifilar wound toroid for a balun:


This Professor’s ‘Amazing’ Trick Makes Quadratic Equations Easier

YouTube Clip Of Pterodactyls Flapping their Wings In ‘Citizen Kane’

Some Trivia About ‘Citizen Kane’.

The Story Of Quantum Dots

Keep Up To Date On The ‘Novel Coronavirus’

Here’s An Image Of The Morpho Didius Butterfly – All That Blue Is Not From Any Actual Pigment, But Is Purely Due To Electromagnetic Constructive/Destructive Interference From The Butterfly’s Surface Nano-Structure:



(From the February 2, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

What’s The Smallest Dinosaur?

Coronavirus Live Updates:

How Long Will It Take to Develop a Vaccine for the Wuhan Virus?

FCC Gives Google And Sony Permission to Dole Out 3.5GHz Spectrum

Highest-Resolution Solar Telescope Ever Releases Incredible First Images of the Sun

All Humans Are a Little Bit Neanderthal, According to New Research

Instead of High-tech Hardware, Plants Might One Day Produce Medicines On Mars

After an 80-Year Quest, Scientists Have Almost Certainly Discovered Metallic Hydrogen

A New Type of Aurora Has Been Discovered by Citizen Scientists

NASA Picks Space Tourism Outfit for Its First Commercial ISS Module


(From the January 26, 2020 edition of the TechNet:)

Sync your calendar with the Solar System

Top Astronomical Events for 2020

Here’s a Nice Website That Has A Lot of Information About the NanoVNA:

SMA to BNC Converters (not the best strain relief):

Anteenna TW-BNCJ-SMAP (3 Packs) BNC Female to SMA Male Adaptor Connector is Suit for Ham Handheld Antenna BNC Male

DHT LLC AD075 2 Pieces SMA Female to BNC Female Convert Adapter for Two Way Radio BaoFeng UV-5R FD-880

The Death Toll Rises To 56, With One Fatality in Shanghai

Pentagon Says 34 Troops Treated for Traumatic Brain Injury After Trump Downplays It as ‘Headaches’

Satellite to Go Boom

DNA Testing Company 23andMe Lays Off 100 Employees, CEO Cites Privacy Concerns as Possible Factor

Boeing Finds Another Software Flaw That Might Delay 737 Max’s Return

A Lego Version of The International Space Station Is Coming February 1st

The Days of Flying with Your ‘Emotional Support’ Animal May Be Coming to an End

US Space Force Logo Unveiled with A Clear Star Trek Influence

The Pentagon’s Plan to Pepper Space with Surveillance Satellites Is Taking Shape

ESA Opens Plant That Turns Moon Dust into Oxygen

India Will Launch A Humanoid Robot Ahead of Its First Crewed Space Mission


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