[Remember to identify yourself and the Clubs Call sign every 10 minutes]

Good evening, this is the Kings County Radio Club 2 Meter Club Net. Our Club callsign is KC2RC. I am [your call sign], Net Control Operator for tonight. This Net meets every Tuesday at 9 PM unless otherwise noted. You do NOT have to be a member to check-in to this Net!

But please consider joining!

This Net is transmitted on the KCRC Repeater, KC2RC on 146.730 MHz. Its input frequency is 146.130  MHz, and its PL tone is 88.5 Hz. We also stream this Net on the Internet at http://stream.KC2RC.com.

In order to check-in to the Net, please use your press-to-talk button, pause for a moment, and transmit your callsign. Then release your press-to-talk button to make sure that you are NOT doubling with anyone else. Then transmit your callsign and name.

At this time, is there anyone who would like to check into the Kings County Radio Club’s 2 Meter Club Net?

[Allow participants to check-in in an orderly fashion and record their callsigns and names. If you cannot recognize their callsigns or names, ask them to repeat them.]

[After check-ins:]

This is the weekly meeting of the Kings County Radio Club’s 2 Meter Club Net, which meets every Tuesday, at 9 PM on this repeater. The Kings County Radio Club is an ARRL affiliated, Brooklyn based Amateur Radio Club with members throughout the metropolitan area.

Our Club meets on the first Wednesday of every month, at The Carrington Conference Room in the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, at 501 Six Street, located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The Carrington Conference Room is located between the Hospital Gift Shop and the Hospital Cafeteria. Our next meeting will be [insert meeting date].

It is near the 7th Avenue exit of the “F” and “G” train station, as well as the B67 bus’s Seventh Avenue stop.

You do not have to be a member to attend our meetings. In fact, we urge those interested to drop in and join us for our monthly meeting.

We offer a “pre-meeting” during the 7 PM to 8 PM portion, where we have arranged for an informal question and answer session. Both unlicensed, as well as license holders, may have questions, and our members will try our best to provide answers or at least sources of information for those requiring them.

The General Meeting begins around 8 PM and usually last until 9:30 to 10 PM.

The Kings County Radio Club NOW offers a Yaesu Fusion based digital voice Net every Thursday on this Repeater at 9 PM. Its Net Control Operator is Jason KD2LRX. We urge everyone with the ability to communicate with Fusion technology, to check-in to the 2 Meter Fusion Net. We have set up a Wires-X Room, “KC2RC-ROOM”, linking the KC2RC Repeater to Yaesu’s Fusion Wires-X worldwide network. The Fusion Net is streamed on the Internet at http://stream.kc2rc.com

The Kings County Radio Club offers a Technical Net on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, on this repeater, at 9 PM. All licensed amateurs are welcome to join and participate, either with a question or a comment or an answer to an earlier question. Roy AC2GS will be the host, and Milen KG2C will be the co-host. Each session includes a TechNet Puzzle, available weeks before the TechNet on our Club website, for discussion. Those without the ability to receive our repeater’s signal can use our Internet stream, http://live.KC2RC.com to listen to the TechNet live, and archives of the audio are available on our Club website.

The Kings County Radio Club offers a 10 Meter Radio Net every Sunday morning at 11 AM, we are looking for a permanent Net Control Operator. If you are interested in the position please contact a member of the Club’s Executive Board. We usually meet at 28.380 MHz Upper Sideband. Everyone, both member, and non-member alike is invited to check-in and “chew the rag” a bit! It is streamed live via http://live.KC2RC.com for those that either have no 10 Meter capability or when radio propagations conditions are poor.

Keep 10 Meters alive!

The Club also sponsors Volunteer Exams – for unlicensed individuals to get their first “ticket”, or for licensed operators to upgrade their license for greater privileges. These VE Exams are given in Room 6B on the sixth floor of Wesley House, 506 Six Street between 7th and 8th Avenue, across the street from New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, every other month, on Sundays at 1 PM. Our scheduled sessions are always available on our Club website, www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com. Our next VE session is scheduled for [insert date of next VE session].

All of the previous information is available on our Club website, www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com, along with news, forums, archives of Club newsletters and original articles. If you have a chance, take a look at the website! An application for Club membership is also available on our website, and we take PayPal or checks!

Club members contribute their time and their money to provide all these services to the local amateur radio community, and we would appreciate your support.

Are there any late check-ins for the Net?

[Call each check-in that did not indicate that they had no traffic, for their comments]

Are there any more late check-ins for the Net?


[Call each late check-in that did not indicate that they had no traffic, for their comments]

I will ask you to save your technical questions for our next Kings County Radio Club Technical Net on [next Technet date] at 9 PM on this Repeater!

Is there anything for “Swap and Shop”?


Howard, N2GOT, this is [your callsign], are you ready to Play the ARRL news?

(After the Audio News, thank Howard N2GOT for playing it and for his efforts in bringing it to the Net each week)

(After Audio News, ask if anyone has any “topics of interest” for the Net?)

Does anyone have any “topics of interest” for the Net?


(If there are no more “topics of interest”, for the Net, ask if there are any announcements, comments, or any other business for the Net?)

Are there any announcements, comments, or any other business for the Net?


(After any announcements, comments, or any other business for the Net, go through the list of check-ins and thank them for checking in and contributing to the Net and then turn the repeater back to casual communications.)

I would like to thank the following people for checking in and contributing to the Net tonight:

(List the callsigns of the participants that checked into the Net)

Remember that everything mentioned here tonight is available on our Club website: www.KingsCountyRadioClub.com!

This is [your callsign]. This Net is now closed and the repeater is returned for casual communications.

Thank You


(Last revised 2/27/2018)


KCRC 2 Meter Net Script — 2 Comments

  1. You should add “Are there any visitors to the KC2RC net” so those of in town know when to check in and not interrupt any type of directed net

    • Thank for you comment in the first Paragraph it says “You do NOT have to be a member to check-in to this Net”


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