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Group Selected to Pursue DXpedition to Baker Island National Wildlife Refuge — 4 Comments

  1. When I drive along the Belt Pkwy every day I look at the islands in the harbor and again in the channel off the Canarsie Pier and wonder, can those be “activated”? Do they have IOTA numbers? Does anyone I know have a boat they’d let me use to explore them?…..

    • CALL AREA 2
      NA-111 W2 a. NEW JERSEY STATE group (=Barrel, Bonnet, Boot, Brigantine Beach, Cedar Bonnet, Clam, Dog,
      Drag Sedge, East & West Sedge, Egg [x2], Elder, Fish, Flat, Goosebar Sedge, Ham, Hester Sedge,
      High, Hither, Johnny Sedge, Long Beach, Marshelder Isls, Middle, Middle Sedge, Mordecai, Pullen, Salt,
      Sandy, Seven Mile Beach [Avalon, Stone Harbor], Shelter, Story, Sunflower, Tow, Tucker, Vol Sedge)
      (Note: not Absecon [Atlantic City], Peck’s Beach [Ocean City])
      38º55–40º29N 073º57–075º30W
      NA-026 W2 b. NEW YORK STATE group (=City, Davids, Fire, Fishers, Gardiners, Governors, Great & Little Gull,
      Hart, Hoffman, Long Island, Plum, Robins, Shelter, Swinburne) (Note: not Manhattan [or the UN
      Building 4U1UN], Staten)
      40º29–41º18N 071º50–074º16W

  2. @James: sorry for the late reply. As a kid, my dad would take me and my two older brothers by boat to explore those islands in Jamaica Bay. There wasn’t much to see, and they were mostly occupied by bird nests and flotsam and jetsam. There were some remnants of the few industries that occupied the Bay in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (mostly fish and shellfish processing), but by the mid-70s, there wasn’t much left to look at. Still, it was kind of cool as a kid.

    Most of those islands are protected now–part of Gateway National Park–and probably can’t be alighted upon, let alone set up a IOTA station–but you never know. I’d be more worried about keeping the equipment dry and the salt air out of the equipment! Gee, I wonder if you could active the Wildlife Refuge? It’s accessible by car and by A/C train to Broad Channel (then walk a bit).

    Sadly, my parents no longer live in the area, and the boat is long gone… but occasionally I’ll search for the nautical chart online (there’s one that encompasses all of Jamaica Bay) and browse the channels, islands, and marshes, and relive old memories.

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