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      Milen KG2C

      Hi all,
      Until now I thought that the repeater is configured to have analog output and to accept both analog and C4FM (Yaesu System Fusion) input.
      I just got my first Yaesu radio that supports both and I had no problem on FM, but once I switched to digital (VW mode) I was able to key the repeater but heard only noise on the output (tested with my analog radio). My best guess was that this could have been the repeater re-transmitting the digital input without converting it to analog.
      Since I have only one Fusion and one analog radio I couldn’t test this further or confirm my guess.
      Is this how the repeater is supposed to behave or did I screw up the settings on my radio somehow?
      I have the FT2DR which autodetected the frequency offset automatically after I entered the frequency of the repeater, so I only had to add the PL tone for FM.

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      Milen KG2C

      I got an answer to my question yesterday at the pre-meeting for Field Day.
      Turns out that the repeater is now set to Auto/Auto mode, meaning that it will repeat whatever type of signal it receives. So when we talk on analog FM we hear analog FM and when we talk on C4FM the repeater outputs C4FM.

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      By now you are a pro on Yaesu System Fusion. Maybe you can help me!

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        What help do you need?

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